Meet Miss Hannah

The Belleville Family lives in Glendale, Rhode Island.

Hannah Luise Belleville was born September 1, 1998. She had heart problems
immediately after birth and was diagnosed with an ASD and Tetrology of Fallot.
It wasn't until she was 11 days old that the chromosome tests came back and
she was diagnosed with Full Trisomy 13.

She came home from the hospital at 3
weeks old. Doctors expected her to live only a few days, but she lived at
home for 3 wonderful, difficult months.

During that time, we took her to
church, to the mall once, and even out for Chinese food. She even sat on
Santa's lap! We made many wonderful memories and enjoyed every second with
our precious little angel. She touched so many lives in such a short time.
Hannah had many problems related to the Trisomy, but the most serious was her
heart. She also had frequent periods of apnea.

Hannah went back to the
hospital for the last time on December 21st and died on December 29th at 17
weeks young. She will always be our special angel. God blessed us with this
very special gift, even though it was for such a short time.

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