Meet Emily Leann Blaise


My name is Emily and I was born on July 20, 1998. Before I was born, my mother, Susan, had an amniocentesis done and the doctor said I had something called Trisomy 18.

My mom was very sad. She was told that babies with this condition usually do not live and if
they do live, they will be severely mentally and physically handicapped. My mom was told that she had the choice to not continue with the pregnancy. My mom never once considered not having me because she knew God had sent me.

I am doing very well even though I can not walk and I am fed with a tube into my stomach. Although I can't talk, I do like to sing and can hold a note for a very long time!

I was born at Texas Children's Hospital on June 20, 1998 - by a C-section. My dad was in the operating room, giving my mom support and also was there to baptize me if I wasn't going to live.

I recently received a wheelchair courtesy of nice family that had one to donate to me. I will be going to school this fall! Maybe I will even take some more steps on my own!

Just the other day I went to church and everyone got to see me in my new wheelchair!

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