Meet Scotty, "B" and Patsy Brown 

The Brown family live in Pensacola Florida.
Patsy is the proud mum and Scott the equally proud step-father to Bradley (AKA "B"), who was born on July 21, 1985.
"B" was born with multiple health issues including cleft palate, and small lungs. He had a grade 4 brain haemorrhage right after birth and miraculously pulled through. In January of 1998, while he was in the hospital for surgery to repair a 72% curvature of his spine, his pediatrician ordered a karyotype be done because he'd never believed the other doctors' DX of Fetal Hydantoid. the age of 12, Bradley was correctly diagnosed with Partial Trisomy 13.
Bradley will soon be getting hearing aids (6-99) which should expand his vocabulary :) He's more than capable of getting his point across with words and gestures and signs!
"B" goes to school and adores it....riding the "Cool Bus" is his favorite thing!!! He's competed in and won medals in the Special Olympics!!! And he keeps his family VERY busy!

Bradley age 10

Bradley and Patsy Today

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