Meet the Bushe family

Mum - Carolyn, Dad - Joe and children

Danny, 13

Rebekah, 10

Joseph, 7

Stephen, 5

Kristiana, 1 1/2

And Abigail Elizabeth (T-18)

now a precious angel

10th June 1998 - 13th June 1998

This is Abigail's story written by mum, Carolyn:

My husband Joe and I always wanted a big family, well we succeeded!!! We have 6 beautiful children as you can see.

I found out that I was pregnant (again) 4 months after Kristiana, and boy was that a shock. But we were very happy!! That is until the day I got the call with the results of my AFP test when I was 19 weeks pregnant.

I was told that my baby had Trisomy 18 - I was devastated!! But determined when I was told that I should to terminate the pregnancy to go on and have this baby who I knew was a gift from God (Like all babies)

I believe Abigail was given to us to teach us the meaning of love, something we sometimes take advantage of. Well we learnt all about it the day Abigail was born and left us so soon afterwards.

Abigail was born with a DORV, VSD and PDA. Her heart failed after 3 days, but we are so thankful that we had those precious moments to spend with her and that she was able to meet her family.

She died in my arms and went straight into Jesus' arms - a place that is much better than here.

We will cherish and miss her more than anything till the day we meet again in eternity.

There was a special poem read at Abigail's funeral, please click on the Rainbow if you would like to read it.


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