Don't be sad,

for Heaven is Grand.
I know the time we are a apart
seems like eternity to you,
but for me time is but a second.
I am always with you,
if ever you doubt,
just stop and listen.
I whisper so softly in your ear.
Do you hear me?
I tell you I love you,
and before you know it,
we will be together once again.

Gera Nicole Thacker

17th April 1984 ~ 4th January 1986

Partial Trisomy 7q

Alliance, Nebraska USA

Daughter of Louise & Tim

Christopher Gage

28th October 1999 ~ 28th October 1999

Trisomy 18

Johnstown, New York USA

Beloved son of Joe & Becky

Paul and Marc

25th December 1997 ~ 25th December 1997

Unexplained deaths in utero

Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Beloved sons of Gaby & Simon

"We will meet you one day - till then you will always be in our hearts"



12th January 2000 - 12th January 2000

Trisomy 15

Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Loved daughter of Gaby & Simon

Nicholas Joseph

24th June 1999 - 24th June 1999

Trisomy 18

Oaklyn, New Jersey USA

Son of Scott & Lola Brother of John & Sam

"We will always love you"

Bailey Randolph

20th May 1999 ~ 11th April 2000

Trisomy 17

Lenoir City, Tennessee USA

Daughter of Brian & Rachel

Jacob William

18th January 2000 ~ 18th January 2000

Trisomy 18

Huntsville, Utah USA

Son of Dave and Julie

"We were blessed with 7 wonderful hours"

Angela Melissa

17th November 1999 ~ 18th November 1999

Trisomy 18

Makinak, Manitoba Canada

Daughter of Pat & Clifford, Sister of Heather

"We love and miss you very much"

Jonathon Andrew

29th February 2000 ~ 29th February 2000

Trisomy 18

Anderson, South Carolina USA

Son of Ross and Tracy

Belle Kathleen Hutto

19th March 2000 ~ 19th March 2000

Trisomy 18

Branchville, South Carolina USA

Daughter of Stephen & Angie Hutto


28th August 1999 ~ 30th August 1999

Trisomy 18

Lima, Ohio USA

Daughter of Shaunda & Joshua

Kelsie Catlin Mears

3rd February 2000 ~ 3rd February 2000

Trisomy 13

Chatham, Ontario Canada

Daughter of Christina & Ryan

"may my little angel live on in everyone's heart"

Rachael Kay Maurer

29th April 1982 ~ 22nd December 1998

Trisomy 13

Lewiston, Idaho USA

Loving daughter of Terri, Mischievious sister to Jack, Dennis and Kevin

"You are truly missed every day of our lives"


Jocelyn Renee

5th April 2000 ~ 15th April 2000

Trisomy 18

Alta Loma, California USA

Daughter of Jennifer and Jun, Twin sister of Julissa

David Puignau

3rd April 2000 ~ 22nd June 2000

Trisomy 13

Cartagena, Murcia Spain

Son of Grace and Wil

"God Bless You"

Emma Lee

2nd November 1999 ~ 19th March 2000

Trisomy 18

Dickinson, Texas USA

Daughter of Larry & Sherry. Little sister to Austin

Jocelyn Denise

18th June 1990 ~ 26th March 1991

Trisomy 18

Upland, California USA

Sister of Joey

Gabriel James Bonsell

29th April 2000 ~ 29th April 2000

Trisomy 18

Santa Barbara, California USA

Beloved son of Jim & Barbara

Brianna Nicole

29th April 2000 ~ 29th April 2000

Trisomy 18

Santa Barbara, California USA

Beloved son of Jim & Barbara

LeOra Lee Rustick

25th October 1991 ~ 25th October 1991

Trisomy 13 with Holoprosencephaly

Antigo, Wisconsin USA

Daughter of Randall James and Stacy LeOra Rustick

"Thankyou God for letting me hold LeOra while she was still alive"




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