Don't be sad,
for Heaven is Grand.
I know the time we are a apart
seems like eternity to you,
but for me time is but a second.
I am always with you,
if ever you doubt,
just stop and listen.
I whisper so softly in your ear.
Do you hear me?
I tell you I love you,
and before you know it,
we will be together once again.


Dominic Cotton

23rd July 2000 ~ 23rd July 2000

Cystic Hygroma

Stoke on Trent UK

Son of Mandy & Steve. Called to be a companion for Gareth



21st July 2000 ~ 21st July 2000

Trisomy 18

Exton, Pennsylvania USA

Daughter of Steve & Cindy

"God bless your heart and soul. We will always remember our little girl"

Alora Kaitlyn

15th March 2000 ~ 15th March 2000

Trisomy 18

West Haven, Connecticut USA

Daughter of William & Tracey

Tayla Anne Zecchinati

1st January 2000 ~ 27th August 2000

Trisomy 18

Innisfail, Queensland Australia

Daughter of John & Leanne

"Our Millenium Miracle"

Jana Beth Sheffield

10th September 1997 ~ 10th September 1997

Trisomy 13

Iuka, Mississippi USA

Daughter of Dreama & Andy. Sister of Paige & Lauren

Daniel Corbin Scherman Fralick

29th August 2000 ~ 29th August 2000

Trisomy 18

Olympia USA

Son of Kurt & Lee Ann

Baylee Rose Weiss

31st August 2000 ~ 31st August 2000

Trisomy 18

Elmsford, New York USA

Daughter of David & Karen, Beloved sister to Bret

Hayden Thomas Phillips

18th September 1999 ~ 20th September 1999

Trisomy 13

Birmingham, Alabama USA

Son of Kim and Michael

Destiny Dawn Krickeberg

7th November 1997 ~ 18th January 1998

Trisomy 18

St Joseph, Missouri USA

Daughter of Duane & Angela

"We miss our little angel"


1st September 2000 ~ 1st September 2000

Trisomy 18

Joppa, Maryland USA

Daughter of Bonni & Karl


18th August 2000 ~ 18th August 2000

Trisomy 13

Texas USA

Son of Michael & Denise Brother of Blaine & Mica

Daniel Mullins

9th June 1997 ~ 11th June 1997

Trisomy 13

Augusta, Georgia USA

Only son of Andrea Mullins & the late Michael Mullins. Grandson of Ron & Pat Mullins

"Our little visitor from heaven"


8th April 2000 ~ 8th April 2000

Trisomy 18 Mosaic

Copenhagen, Denmark

Daughter of Dionisio & Helle

"Eres y siempre serás nuestra estrella"


27th February 1979 ~ 11th November 1979

Trisomy 21

Clinton, Massachusetts USA

Derek Allen Huff

10th March 1991 ~ 16th March 1991

Trisomy 13

Gabriel Armani Berrios

8th December 1997 ~ 28th December 1997

Trisomy 18

Brooklyn, NY USA

Son of Ivette Berrios

Toby Ollom

16th October 1994 ~ 16th October 1994

Cord Around Neck

Clarington, Ohio USA

Son of Kimberly & Steven Ollom

Angel Taryn

20th November 1999 ~ 20th November 1999

Trisomy 13

Keizer, Oregon USA

"Loved and gone too soon"

Ave Maria Jackson-Hatton

20th September 2000 ~ 20th September 2000

Trisomy 13

Rapid City, South Dakota USA

Daughter of Mary & Manuel

Edward Peter Massey Taylor

7th October 1999 ~ 7th October 1999

Trisomy 13

Whitwick, Leics UK

Precious son of Heather & Peter




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