Victoria Anne Fox

9th December 1999 ~ 9th December 1999


Jacksonville, Florida USA

Daughter of Tina & Jason

Marcel Schanding

17th September 2000 ~ 17th September 2000

Trisomy 18

St Ingbert, Germany

Son of Michelle & Joerg

Our Little Boy Angel

19th December 2000 ~ 19th December 2000

Trisomy 7

Tennessee USA

Son of Jamie & Mickie

"Although we never saw your face or held your tiny hand you will always be remembered in our hearts"

Emily Margaret Grace

25th February 1996 ~ 24th February 1996

Trisomy 18

Kenilworth, Warwickshire England

Beautiful daughter of John & Sharon, beloved sister of Daniel & Jamie

Danielle Cheryl Williams

8th January 2000 ~ 8th January 2000

Trisomy 18

Ponchatoula, Louisiana USA

John Bastin Fry

14th January 1925 ~ 6th July 1993

Heart Attack

Florida USA

"Daddy you will live on in my heart forever. I love you always"

Louwylodene Walton Stewart

20th February 1929 ~ 9th September 2000


Ohio USA

"Aunt Lou will always be missed. I love you forever."

Imogene Walton

5th May 1947 ~ 14th November 1999


Ohio USA

"Aunt Imogene will be missed. I love you forever."


26th December 1998 ~ 1st August 1999

Trisomy 18

Haunsheim, Bavaria Germany

"We never forgot her"


19th January 2001 ~ 20th January 2001

Trisomy 18

San José, Costa Rica

Angel of Oreana & Marco

Anastasia Louise

9th February 2001 ~ 27th February 2001

Trisomy 13

South Yorkshire, England

Daughter of Kerry & Andy

"Anastasia Louise will always be loved and will never be forgotten by her family and friends"

Jay Raymond Firth

2nd November 2000 ~ 2nd November 2000

Trisomy 13

Hastings, East Sussex England

Son of Jeff & Carol

"Never Forgotten"

Brandon Wilcox

19th January 2001 ~ 19th January 2001

Trisomy 18

Smithville, Ontario Canada

Son of Ron & Karen, Brother of Sarah

"Fly free our angel"

Jessie Campbell

10th October 1912 ~ 8th January 2000

Heart Attack

Kilmarnock, Ayreshire, Scotland

Grannie of Daniel

"We think of the joy that she left behind, her cheerful smile and laughter, we think of her loving words and deeds that will live forever after. Goodnight Gran, see you in the morning"

Danielle Nicole Wood

5th May 1999 ~ 3rd July 1999

Trisomy 18

Hanover, Pennsylvania USA

Daughter of Richard & Anne, sister of Jasmine

Sierra Cheyenne

18th January 2001 ~ 18th January 2001

Trisomy 18

Neptune, New Jersey USA

Beloved daughter of Erica & Jerry

"May God keep you safe always"

Ilhuica Chaneh Moreno

31 st January 2001 ~ 31st January 2001

Trisomy 18

Watsonville, California USA

Vicente & Jessica

"You will always be our little "Ilhuica Chaneh", our guardian angel from heaven. Mommy and daddy love you and we always will. Until we meet again, I will see you in my dreams"


Jenny Madison Dispennette

24th January 2001 ~ 17th February 2001

Trisomy 18

Brandon, Florida USA

Daughter of Bill & Amy

Charlotte Linda Geraghty

20th June 1999 ~ 14th June 2000

Partial Trisomy 18

Widnes, Cheshire England

Daughter of Peter & Kathryn

"You will always be a star shining brightly in our lives. We will always love you"

Christian Edward Bayes

17th February 1996 ~ 17th February 1996

Trisomy 21

Lima, Ohio USA

Son of Ceciel and Billee



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