Jenny Casady

24th April 1951 ~ 9th December 1996

Breast Cancer

Valrico, Florida USA

Mother of Billy

"I miss your love and your guidance. Rest peacefully with God"

Katrina Jo

2nd November 1999 ~ 2nd November 1999


Mt Pleasant, North Carolina USA

Daughter of Tracie & John

Makaylee Breann Pittman

8th June 2000 ~ 21st February 2001


Raymond, Mississippi USA

Loving daughter of Doug & Teri

"Well sweet little angel girl, we love and miss you so much. We will see you soon"


21st November 1919 ~ 3rd November 1996

Heart Attack

Chillicothe, Ohio USA

Loving grandfather of Malinda

"We love you and miss you. You are always in our hearts"


1st December 1923 ~ 22nd February 2000


Chillicothe, Ohio USA

Loving grandmother of Malinda

"We love you and miss you. You are always in our hearts"

Gabriella Danielle Nikole Makley

28th August 1999 ~ 30th August 1999


Lima, Ohio USA

Daughter of Shaunda & Joshua

"We love you very much and always will. You'll always be in our hearts. For now, goodbye our angel till we meet again someday"

Alice Handley

10th November 1912 ~ April 2000


Sheffield, South Yorkshire England

"Our grammy, loved by anyone who met her. She meant so much to all our family, and we will miss her forever. We love you Gram"

Tabatha Stacie McKay

16th June 2000 ~ 17th June 2000


Newark, Nottinghamshire England

Beautiful daughter of David & Jeanette, sister of Kayleigh, Natalie & David.

"Forever loved and remembered always"

Hannah Elizabeth Lynn

18th March 2001 ~ 18th March 2001

Trisomy 18

Westover, Alabama USA

Daughter of David & Melissa Lynn, sister of Suenome.

"Forever loved and remembered always. May the wind sing you a lullaby"

Baby Boy Parris

11th March 2001 ~ 11th March 2001

Trisomy 18

Balto, Maryland USA

Son of Steve & Debbie.

"You will always be in our heart"

Jessica Marie Putnam

22nd October 1985 ~ 16th November 1988

Jackson, Mississippi USA

Daughter of Belinda Putnam McGowan

"My sweet little angel baby I love and miss you so much..."

Richard Mays-Phillipson

13th April 1988 ~ 10th July 1998

Traumatic Asphyxiation

Hull, East Yorkshire England

Precious son of Cheryl & Phillip, treasured brother to Abigail.

"They say there is a reason, they say that time will heal, but neither time nor reason, will ever change the way we feel. Son you are missed so very very much."

Krystjan Nathaniel

31st October 1999 ~ 2nd November 1999

Trisomy 18

Hanover, Pennsylvania USA

Son of Heidi & Billy

"Briefly in our arms, forever in our hearts"

Kenton Michael

10th October 2000 ~ 6th March 2001

Trisomy 13

Centreville, Virginia USA

Son of Niki & AK Karmo

"We miss you more and more each day. You brought me strength and a longing for love. You were a fighter and will always be my hero. Thank you Kenton, for your love."

Rhiannon Morgan

2nd March 1999 ~ 3rd March 1999

Trisomy 18

Cleveland, Ohio USA

Daughter of Joe & Barb

"Our perfect angel baby"

Columbus Jones Sr

1st September 1920 ~ 15th October 1996

Renal Failure

Edwards, Mississippi USA

Loving husband and father

"We think about you every single day. Always loving and missing you. Rest in Peace"

Harold Pace

5th June 1962 ~ 12th October 2000

Petal, Mississippi USA

Laura Virginia Huey

5th January 2001 ~ 19th March 2001

Trisomy 18

Jonesboro, Georgia USA

Precious Angel of Robert & Hope Huey

"Mommy and Daddy will love you forever"

Katrina Joe Lipke

11th February 1999 ~ 11th February 1999

Cord Accident

Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina USA

Daughter of John & Tracie, Sister of Chasity

"My little angel still lives in our hearts even though each day is hard without her. We know that one day we will get to hold her but until that time we can only hope and remember."

Maria Catherine Lind

15th March 2001 ~ 15th March 2001

Trisomy 13

Bay City, Michigan USA

Daughter of John & Lynette

"Not long enough in our arms but forever in our hearts"



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