Austin Michael Junk

13th April 1999 ~ 25th March 2001

PCH Type 1 and SMA

Ames, Iowa USA

Son of Mark and El;izabeth, little brother to Mary

"We miss our little Austy. He was, and still is, the joy of our lives"

Gavin Kade Kainoa

3rd April 2001 ~ 10th April 2001

Trisomy 13

Shalimar, Florida USA

Son of Jeff and Jamie

"Our Little Guardian Angel"


8th February 2001 ~ 8th February 2001

Trisomy 18

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada

Son of Graeme & Grace

Marissa Donelle Whetstone

20th March 1997 ~ 9th April 1999

Trisomy 21

Chester, Oklahoma USA

Daughter of Merl & Vickie. Sister of Robbie, Kayla & Dalton

Joseph Garcia

31st May 2000 ~ 31st May 2000

Trisomy 18

Hesperia, California USA

Lil brother to Eric & Ernie.

"We love you very, very much. Mumma thinks of you every day. Our little angel baby…."

Angelina Naff

20th March 1997 ~ 9th April 1999


Trisomy 16

Marlboro, Massachusetts USA

Daughter of Jim & Fe

Isabella Althea Mixer

18th April 2001 ~ 18th April 2001

Trisomy 13

Portland, Maine USA

Daughter of Mark & Genel, sister to Marley

"We are sorry that you had to leave us so soon. You are truly beautiful and we will miss you. You will never be forgotten, you will always be loved and in our hearts."


31st March 1998 ~ 31st March 1998

Trisomy 18

San Jose, California USA

Forever Daughter of Troy & Nichole

Alyssa Anne

19th August 1998 ~ 5th May 1999

Trisomy 18

Omaha, Nebraska USA

Brian Michael Adam

14th January 1978

Massive traume to head & chest

Bel Air, Maryland USA

Mum, Dad & Jason

"Brian was a corporal in the marines, a loving and caring person. He loved life and made many goals for himself including being a husband and a dad. He didn't get to reach that goal. Loved by everyone who knew him. Always put God and family first, never himself. He is deeply missed. Thankyou Brian for loving us"

Grady Jackson

11th February 1999 ~ 11th February 1999

Trisomy 18

Ft. Myers, Florida USA

Son of Ted and Elizabeth

Charlotte Petrie

31st December 1938 ~ 19th November 2000

Heart Failure

San Diego, California USA

To My Beloved Mother

Eli James Evans

27th April 1998 ~ 28th April 1998

Trisomy 18

Memphis, Tennessee USA

Son of Jamie & Stephanie


3rd May 1983 ~ 3rd May 1983

Son of Lee & Rose

Christopher Ward

7th April 1996 ~ 26th February 1999

Trisomy 13

Fond du Lac, Wiscpnsin USA

Son of Angie Ward

Jesse John Semeraro

1st July 1982 ~ 23rd April 2001

Car Accident

Patchogue-Medford, New York USA

Nephew of Lisa

"God bless you and keep you in His care"

Mya Faith Williams

6th April 2001 ~ 6th April 2001


Toledo, Ohio USA

Daughter of Misty & Allen Williams


19th August 1998 ~ 5th May 2000

Omaha, Nebraska USA

"You were only with us for a short time. But in that time you brought everyone closer together. I'll never understand why God makes the children suffer so much"

Jenna Leigh DeGruchy

3rd May 2001 ~ 3rd May 2001

T-13 with holoprosencephaly

Saint John, New Brunswick Canada

Daughter of Kelly and Kevin DeGruchy

"In loving memory of our little angel Jenna Leigh. We never had a chance to know you in life but your big heart lives on in your mom and dad, we both love and miss you very much. Tell Grampy and Jesus to take care of you for us"

Matthew Connor Street

26th September 2000 ~ 26th September 2000


Gainesville, Vitginia USA

Son of Carl & Kristi

"You are our gift from God"



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