Tutuila Sonja Sagiao

15th May 2001 ~ 18th May 2001


Westminster, California USA

Precious daughter of Tavita and Monika, Sister of Malialosa and Oriana


Brennen Kurt "Flutterbug" Chambers-Dunbar

29th May 2001 ~ 29th May 2001

Trisomy 18

Evans, Colorado USA

Son of Bryan & Kimberly

"Our Flutterbug, Always and Forever"


Patrick James

21st February 2001 ~ 8th April 2001


Adelaide, South Australia Australia

Son of Trevor and Tracey

"This very special, much wanted baby, who we spent 7 years waiting for, lived 6 weeks. He touched so many people he truly is an angel"

Florinda Chaparro

20th June 1931 ~ 5th June 2001

Renal Failure

Los Angeles, California USA

"Left beind 11 children and over 30 grandchildren"

Robin Leeann

23rd August 1975 ~ 29th April 1979


Danville, Illinois USA

Remembered by Mum

Pamela Crowley

17th May 1960 ~ 10th December 2000

Heart Problems

Jackson, Mississippi USA

Daughter of L.C. & Anna Cannon, Mother to Terrell, Leighuna, and Marcus Crowley, and Most loving and devoted wife to Mr. Leander Crowley.

Christian Adam Russell

13th March 2001 ~ 13th March 2001

Possible Trisomy 18

Bradenton, Florida USA

Son of Bryan & Casey Russell

"We miss you so much"


27th April 1999 ~ 27th April 1999


Ashtabula, Ohio USA

Ryle Katelyn Bent

31st May 2001 ~ 7th June 2001

Trisomy 13

Birmingham, Alabama USA

Beautiful daughter of Wendy and Jimmy Bent

Jakob "Jake" Matthew Hayes

10th December 2000 ~ 10th December 2000

Trisomy 18

Spartanburg, South Carolina USA

"We love and miss you so very much. You are always in our hearts and thoughts. We love you."

Gloria Kinney

2nd September 1929 ~ 27th June 1999

Renal Failure

Ocala, Florida USA

Grandmother of Melissa and Kristy

"In loving memory of our "Momo" We miss you dearly you are always in our hearts and thoughts"

Isaac Quinn

19th February 2001 ~ 2nd March 2001

Trisomy 18

Landstuhl Germany

Son of Don & Victoria

"Precious son we will love you forever"

Cathlyn Elizabeth

8th June 1992 ~ 8th June 1992

Trisomy 18

Somerville, New Jersey USA

"Love you and miss you always"

Megan Zuzula

16th January 1997 ~ 16th January 1997

Trisomy 18

St Petersburg, Florida USA

"You live in my heart forever" 


Sara Elizabeth Smith

15th April 1997 ~ 11th May 1997

Trisomy 13

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Daughter of Don & Chris

" You will always remain our 'Little Princess. You are remembered and loved by all your siblings: Jeff, Phil, Donny, David, Joseph, Jonathan,Mary-Ann, and Stephanie"


1st May 1972 ~ 22nd April 2001

Mosaic Trisomy 13

Leonay, New South Wales Australia

Dearest son of Ray & Margaret


Mothers Day 1995 ~ Mothers Day 1995

Trisomy 18

Orland Park, Illinois USA

Son of Rick & Liz

Grace Elisabeth Town

21st June 2001 ~ 25th June 2001

Trisomy 18

Kalamazoo, Michigan USA

Daughter of DJ & Lynelle

"We love you and will one day see you again"


Sanna Theresia

10th December 1991 ~ 15th December 1991

Trisomy 18

Stockholm, Sweden

Daughter of Jennie & Anders, sister of Andreas, Jacob and Hugo. Grandaughter of Lena

"See you in heaven my love"


Anthony John

30th January 2001 ~ 30th January 2001

Trisomy 9

The Woodlands, Texas USA

Son of Chris & Patti, Brother of Katie and Andrew

Ian Gregory

Trisomy 13

Chicago Heights, Illinois USA

Son of Linda & Mike


28th January 1999 ~ 28th January 1999


Las Cruces, New Mexico USA

Daughter of Nicole & Patrick, Grandaughter of Marie Ashber & John Richardson



21st June 1998 ~ 21st June 1998

Trisomy 18

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Daughter of Howard and Valerie

Our Angel


25th June 2001 ~ 25th June 2001

Yardville, New Jersey USA

Baby of John and Michelle

"We will always love you"

Jermayne Marquette Ward Jr

Placental Abruption

4th December 2000 ~ 4th December 2000

Pinellas Park, Florida USA

Beloved son of Rebecca and Jermaine Ward



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