20th July 2001 ~ 20th July 2001

Trisomy 18

California USA

Hope was beautiful and I will always love her. She only lived 4 hours but she will on in my heart forever. I LOVE YOU HOPE!

Amina Jade

21st June 2001 ~ 24th June 2001

Trisomy 13

Portage, Michigan USA

Daughter of Arthur and Jocelyn, little sister of Jaria-Lynn

"Though we have pain and miss you now, we will rejoice when we see you again in heaven. Rest precious baby"

My Baby Boy

26th June 2001 ~ 26th June 2001

Trisomy 21

Baltimore, Maryland USA

"Hugs and Kisses"

Arthur Knapp Boutelle III

14th November 1968 ~ 16th March 1997

Panama City, Florida USA

Son of Arthur Boutelle Jr and Mary Cox, Beloved brother of Carrie & Larry Boutelle, Rebecca and Daniel Cox

"We miss you every day that passes and you will live on in our hearts forever. Love you Artie"


4th May 2001 ~ 5th July 2001

Trisomy 18

Pennsylvania, USA

Daughter of Beth and Corey

Dominick Ryan Sparks

16th July 2001 ~ 23rd July 2001

Trisomy 13

Peru, Indiana USA

Beloved son of Don and Angie Sparks. Brother to Hailey and Logan

"Life so short, yet loved so much"

Teresa Filyan Ratican

5th December 2000 ~ 5th December 2000

Largo, Florida USA

Daughter of Christina & Michael Ratican

"Though we have pain and miss you now, we will rejoice when we see you again in heaven. Rest precious baby"

Emily Stow

18th August 2000 ~ 23rd August 2000

Trisomy 18

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Daughter of Charity & Jason


August 2001 ~ August 2001

Trisomy 18

Dural, NSW Australia

Daughter of Stephen and Debbie, sister of Liam

"A place in our hearts for you always"

Samuel David Holt

27th July 2001 ~ 27th July 2001

Trisomy 13

Bethesda, Maryland USA

Son of David and Patsy Holt

"Though your stature was small... the love for you was immeasurable"

Connor Adam Powell

13th June 2001 ~ 11th June 2001

Trisomy 18

Dumfries, Scotland UK

Precious Son of Demi Powell

"God keep you little angel"

Matthew James Wilkerson

1st February 1990 ~ 2nd April 2001

Partial Trisomy 16, Monosomy 9p

Shelton, Washington USA

Son of Patricia Anderson, brother of Jaymz Anderson

"Matthew had the soul of a tiger, he was a fighter in everything he did, now he has his wings. I love and miss you son"

Jacob Lloyd Billingsley

26th April 2001 ~ 26th April 2001

Trisomy 18

Cypress, Texas USA

Son of Lee & Kerry Brother of Courtney and Emily


29th October 1997 ~ 29th October 1997

Trisomy 13

Kanagwa-Ken Japan

My Daughter

Gabrielle Angelique Caciolo

18th October 1996 ~ 18th October 1996

Trisomy 13

Geelong, Victoria Australia

Son of Angela & Robert Caciolo Sister of Christian, Daniel, Adam and Lucas

Miranda L. Trivett

1st December 1995 ~ 18th April 1996

Trisomy 18

Lenoir, North Carolina USA

"I will always love my angel"

Sarah Jenny Anne Gritter

27th July 2001 ~ 27th July 2001

Trisomy 18

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Dearly loved daughter of Mary and Randy. Sister of Abigael and Kevin

"Jesus said "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these"

Jasmine Grace

24th June 2001 ~ 6th July 2001S

Trisomy 18

Charrlottsville, Virginia USA

Daughter of Kelly and Paul, sister to Seth, Angel to all

Alice Sargent

17th May 1914 ~ 24th August 2001


Sheffield, South Yorkshire UK

Gran to Sarah and Danny D

Kaylee Dawn Moon

18th April 1998 ~ 27th June 2001

Partial Trisomy 13

Rush Springs, Oklahoma USA

Precious daughter of Robert and Rhonda Moon, Sister to Cory and Jessica

Emily Rose Forgey

12th October 2000 ~ 12th October 2000


Bardwell, Kentucky USA

Daughter of Robert and Mary Ann

Abraham "Abe" Michael Camp

25th November 1997 ~ 25th November 1997

Trisomy 18

Houston, Texas USA

Son of Carey and LeAnn, Brother of Caleb and Jacob


4th April 1976 ~ 24th May 1996

Renal Failure

San Antonio, Texas USA

Laura Caitlynn Barker

25th March 1991 ~ 25th March 1991

Trisomy 13

Fultondale, Alabama USA

Daughter of Cathy & Jeff.

"She will live on in our hearts. She wasn't meant for this cruel world so God took her back home."

Makayla Grace

15th May 2001 ~ 3rd June 2001

Trisomy 18

Paducah, Kentucky USA

Daughter of Kevin and Shan. Sister to Riley.

"Our special angel. Makayla we will always remember you. We love and miss you"



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