Kasidy Aileen

1st July 2003 ~ 28th July 2003

Trisomy 13

Pembroke Pines, Florida USA

Daughter of Nicole.

I miss and love you baby girl!!!

Rylee Angel Thomas

1st June 2001 ~ 1st June 2001

Trisomy 13

Warrenton, Virginia USA

Daughter of Tamee & Brigham, sister to Brendan.

 You are our precious angel that will remain in our hearts forever.


18th June 2003 ~ 18th June 2003

Trisomy 13

Washington DC, USA

Joseph Vincent McNamee

18th February 1927 ~ 6th July 2003

Kidney Failure

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Ilhuica Chaneh Moreno Herrera

31st January 2001 ~ 31st January 2001

Trisomy 18

San Jose, California USA

Love from Mommy and your new baby brother Nathanael.

You are still in our thoughts and prayers. I love you soooo much Ilhuica. We will never forget you no matter how much time goes by....

Jessica Schroeder

23rd January 1996 ~ 23rd January 1996

Trisomy 18

Winchester, Indiana, USA

Veronica Marie

29th July 2003 ~ 29th July 2003

Trisomy 18


Duluth, Minnesota USA

 Our little angel delivered to Heaven, loved so much by mom and dad, Kristin & Greg

Jessica May Cross

25th March 2003 ~ 24th April 2003

Trisomy 18

St Helen's, Merseyside

Daughter of Nigel and Louise, sister to Rachael

Catherine Elizabth Stevenson

27th May 1987 ~ 19th September 2002

Car Accident

Daughter of Michelle, sister to Christopher

Alta Walker Pollard

15th May 1909 ~ 19th November 2001

Heart Failure

Draper, Utah USA

Loving Great-Grandmother of Courtney.

We will love you and miss you forever

Phillip James Greenbank

18th March 2002 ~ 20th September 2002

Trisomy 18

Fort Wayne, Indiana USA

Son of Jackie & Larry, Brother to Daniel, Tina & Tony

Our "one day at a time baby".  He taught the true love of God.  Through surgery and into death, he lived up to the mission God sent him on.  He taught us all.  We love him and miss him.  We await the time when we will be together again in heaven

Lucy Olivia Shevlin

18th April 2002 ~ 6th May 2002

Trisomy 13

The Wirral, UK

Daughter of Kerry and James, and much loved sister of Thomas.

Some people only dream on angels.......we held one in our arms.  Miss you and love you forever sweetheart

Josue Alan Tovar

23rd April 2003 ~ 15th May 2003

Trisomy 18

Almo, Texas USA

Son of Juana Mendoza, Pablo Tovar, brother of Pablo Tovar Jr. and Mark Anthony Tovar.

 My baby elmo enjoy yourselfs in heaven that someday we wil play together in heaven my dear love


6th October 2002 ~ 6th October 2002

Trisomy 18

San Bernardino, California USA

Son of Angie and David

Not a day doesn't go by that you are not thought of. My heart broke when I lost you but you knew it was time to go. Someday we will see you again and then I will hold you in my arms like I hold you in my heart. Until that day my beautiful Son I wait.

Jessica Riley Warpehoski

4th May 2002 ~ 4th May 2002

Trisomy 18

Coal Valley, Illinois USA

Daughter of Mike and Deanna, sister of Jake and Nicole.

 A moment in our arms, forever in our hearts.

Anna Dawne Greenwood

24th September 2004 ~ 24th September 2004

Trisomy 18

Prattville, Alabama USA

Daughter of Jon & Krissie, Sister to Emma

"Beautiful Angel" daughter of Jon & Krissie Greenwood and Big Sister Emma and Loved so very much by her aunt Janna and family 

Annalyssia Green

April 1992 ~ January 1993

Psuedo Trisomy 13

Lansing, Michigan, USA


Zachary James Jess

7th July 2004 ~ 7th July 2004

Trisomy 18

Oak Harbor, Ohio, USA

Son of Lucas and Kimberly Jess
Beloved son and dear baby brother


Nadia Elysse Ea Vargas

3rd February 2004 ~ 3rd February 2004

Trisomy 18

Honolulu, Hawaii USA

Daughter of Lynn & Robert

Abuelo Juan

Benjamin Cole Cleek

28th September 2004 ~ 28th September 2004

Trisomy 13

Kingsport, Tennessee, USA

Son of Andy and Christy

Angel Jennifer-Marie Lucero

31st January 2001 ~ 3rd February 2001

Trisomy 13

Denver, Colorado, USA

Daughter of Aiesha and Junior

"God sent me a little Angel that brought me to salvation! She really was my Angel!"

Katy Rose Edwards

23rd September 2003 ~ 23rd September 2003


Moura, Queensland, Australia

Daughter of Rachel and Jason

"Born into God's arms, forever in our hearts"

Cydne Robin

2nd May 2003 ~ 26th September 2003

Trisomy 13

Daughter of Rudi and Micelle

Autumn Dawn Angeletti

15th January 2003 ~ 7th April 2003

Trisomy 13 with robertsonian  translocation 13;14

Washington c.h., Ohio, USA

"I thank God everyday for sending us little Autumn. She is truly missed by us all. She was a beautiful baby"



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