Every weekend a few of us get together to chat. The subject varies, we may talk about Trisomy, our families, our lives or tell jokes. But essentially we just get together to have fun, get to know each other and offer our support.

There are two chats each weekend. One is for the Trisomy Angels group and is therefore primarily for those families and friends whose precious children have passed away and gained their angel wings. It is a time of friendship and support.

The second is a more general chat and is open to all who have an interest in Trisomy regardless of the "number" chromosome involved. The discussion is not always about Trisomy related issues, but, is generally a fun time and a good source of stress relief. Please be aware that occasionally the conversation may be of an adult nature. However extreme conversations of this nature will not be tolerated.

We meet together as a group at the same time however, because we are an international group, the times vary in each of the different time zones and countries. We have tried to make it a universally acceptable time, however as it stands it may not be convenient for European folk. If you are from Europe and wish to join us please send me an e-mail and I will try and rearrange the times.

  Wings Chat General Chat
  November to March April to October (Summertime in the USA) November to March April to October (Summertime in the USA)
New York Friday 9.00pm Friday 9.00pm Saturday 9.00pm Saturday 9.00pm
Texas Friday 8.00pm Friday 8.00pm Saturday 8.00pm Saturday 8.00pm
Mountain Standard Time Friday 7.00pm Friday 7.00pm Saturday 7.00pm Saturday 7.00pm
California Friday 6.00pm Friday 6.00pm Saturday 6.00pm Saturday 6.00pm
Europe Saturday 3.00am Saturday 2.00am Sunday 3.00am Sunday 2.00am
South Africa Saturday 4.00am Saturday 3.00am Sunday 4.00am Sunday 3.00am
Western Australia Saturday 10.00am Saturday 9.00am Sunday 10.00am Sunday 9.00am
Queensland Saturday Noon Saturday 11.00am Sunday 11.00am Sunday 11.00am
South Australia Saturday 12.30pm Saturday 10.30am Sunday 10.30am Sunday 10.30am
New South Wales Saturday 1.00pm Saturday 11.00am Sunday 11.00am Sunday 11.00am
New Zealand Saturday 3.00pm Saturday 1.00pm Sunday 1.00pm Sunday 1.00pm


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About the Chat Room

PURPOSE - This chat room exists to provide support and foster the exchange of information for those whose lives have been effected by a chromosomal anomaly. That includes parents, family and friends

WHO CAN CHAT? - Anyone who believes in the purpose of the chat, whether you be a parent, family member or friend.  

RULES & RESPONSIBILITIES - Chatters are expected to be courteous and respect an individuals right to have their own opinions. Flaming is not permitted. Occasionally topics may be of an adult nature, though in general foul language is not permitted. Please introduce yourself when you enter the chat room and tell others of your association to a child or children with a chromosomal anomaly.

HOW TO CHAT - You can chat using a Java capable browser. In the box below enter your nickname and click on the "enter chat" button. If the nickname you are using is already in use the program will assign you another. Your full name and e-mail address are not needed and sharing this information via the chat room as actively DISCOURAGED. A new window will open. Once loaded start typing in the box at the bottom beside your nickname. Press the return key to send your message to the chat. To exit the chat close the window. NOTE: closing this page will also close the chat room window and exit you from the chat.


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