Meet Justin Conner

Justin is the eldest son of Brent, and brother to Paul.

Justin was born on the 1st May 1992, and has been diagnosed as having Trisomy 14q. Paul is 4 years old and wonderful friend and brother to Justin.

Justin's karyotype is quite unique. There is a translocation of most of the long arm of one chromosome 14 to the short arm of chromosome 7 with likely deletion for a small segment of chromosome 7 in this region. In addition, he has a novel chromosome consisting of two copies of the proximal portion of the long arm of chromosome 14 with two centromeres oriented in mirror image. This unique rearrangement is essentially Trisomy 14q.

Justin and Paul live with their mother Angela in Crisfield, Maryland USA. But see Dad, Brent every day.

Justin is severely developmentally delayed. He enjoys lights, music, and ceiling fans. Justin is also very sensitive to touch around his mouth. He also has had a hard time chewing and swallowing food. Justin is unable to verbally communicate, however he does express himself through body language and sounds. Justin began to walk at 5 years of age. His gait is still unsteady at times and he seems to crawl a lot of the time.

Justin is VERY loving and a joy to every one he meets. I am very proud of him and would not trade him for any thing in the world. I consider him a special gift from God.

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