Meet Alicia, Soleah and Shani

The Daniel's Family live in Houston, Texas, USA

Nanci is the very proud mum of

Alicia who is 14 years old, (26th August 1983)

Shani who is 8 years old, (16th July, 1989)

and Soleah, 4 years old (29th November, 1993)

When Soleah was born she was diagnosed as having mosaic Trisomy 18. Soleah had numerous problems which related to her Trisomy including heart defects and apneas. When she was still quite small she had surgery to correct the heart problems, which unfortunately was not as straight forward as her parents could have hoped. The complications meant that she now has a pacemaker also. The apneas were successfully treated with Bi-PAP.

Nanci is a full time mum, works part-time as a consultant and in her spare time is a representative for SOFT in Texas.

Nanci with Soleah

Soleah at age 2 1/2

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