Meet the Domhoff Family

Mum - Diane, Dad - Joe and children

Sarah (9 January 1990)
Emily (6 October 1993)
Joey (17 July 1996)
Joanna (5 October 1998 - 5 January 1999) and

Christian, an angel behind us (1 November 1988 - 28 November 1988)



This is Christian Joseph
Trisomy 13
1 November 1988 - 28 November 1988

Christian Joseph was born on All Saints Day, November 1, 1988. He had full
Trisomy 13 with the translocation of the 13th and 22nd chromosomes.

He was born with several problems; a scalp defect, bi-lateral cleft lip and palate, congenital heart defects, six fingers on his left hand and four on his right, had rocker feet and needed oxygen to survive. Despite his defects, we loved him so, and miss him so very much.

At the time of his birth, we did not know of his defects. He was breech and was delivered by c-section. After the birth, he was rushed to the children's hospital NICU across town. We barely saw him and briefly touched him. We were in shock and in disbelief, our child had been taken from us. Diane had to stay and recover from the surgery and Joe needed to be both with Diane in one hospital and with Christian in the other. The doctors told us he would not make it through the night. Joe stayed all night with Christian and he made it through the night.

Diane was released from the hospital three days later and finally was able to hold Christian. He stayed 11 days in the NICU and then came home to live with us for 17 days. He died peacefully in Diane's arms on November 28, 1988. He was laid to rest next to his grandfather, Joe's dad Christian, whom he is named after.

This is Joanna Grace
Trisomy 13
5 October 1998 - 5 January 1999

Joanna Grace came into this world on October 5th, 1998, but her story began earlier when she was in her mother's womb. Back in May we received the news of the amnio. Our worst fears had been realized. This child of ours had been diagnosed with full trisomy 13. As you can imagine, we were devastated. We knew we were at risk, however we never thought it could happen to us again. It had been ten years since Christian had passed away and we have had three beautiful healthy children since then.

Joanna was born by c-section on October 5, 1998, a few days earlier than we had planned. Diane's blood pressure was higher, so the doctor decided it was time to deliver Joanna. This worked out better for us. Since the delivery was in the evening, most of our family could be there for the birth. Knowing of her condition, the doctors and hospital were prepared for her birth. All we wanted was for Joanna to survive the birth and to be with us in our arms, if only for a short time. She survived the delivery just beautifully. At first she was blue and starved for oxygen. She could not survive without the oxygen. The first time Joe held Joanna, her heart rate picked up and she could breathe on her own without the aid of oxygen. This is one of the special moments we will remember forever. She needed us as much as we needed her.

She was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and an extra finger, but that didn't matter. She was just beautiful. Since Diane was the only patient in the recovery room, the hospital bent a few rules and let all of our family who came to the hospital come in and see us and Joanna. Her brother Joey (17 July 1996) and sisters Sarah (9 January 1990) and Emily (6 October 1993) were the first to see her. Then came her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. There were 24 people in all, truly a treasured moment for all of us.

We all came home three days later. Except for her feedings, she was given
formula through an NG tube, taking care of her was not much different than our other children. We loved her so much. The kids would take turns holding her.
Joey would love to give her kisses on the top of her head. Many times he would leave a sticky spot there from the candy he had eaten. The girls loved having a baby around. Sarah was Diane's little helper. We included her in everything we did. Thanksgiving and Christmas were special times for us all. On January 5th her heart gave way and she gained her wings. She peacefully passed away in Diane's arms with all of us by her side. We love her and miss her dearly. She will always be in our hearts and in the Kingdom of Heaven next to Christian. Some day we will all be reunited.

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