meet Ian, Julie & Teresa ("Tess")

The Campbell-Knowd family live at Kurrajong Heights, NSW, Australia

Ian and Julie are the proud parents of Tess. Tess was born on the 5th February, 1997 and has Trisomy 18. Julie and Ian both work part-time so that they can share Tess's care. As well Nanna and all the extended family help whenever they can.

During a prenatal ultrasound it was suspected that Tess had Trisomy 18. When she was born she weighed 4lb 3oz and had the "characteristic" signs of Trisomy 18, overlapping fingers on her hands and "rocker bottom" feet.

Later it was confirmed that Tess had "full" Trisomy 18 but fortunately few physical problems. Tess has a small VSD and PFO (heart defects) which have not required any treatment. She also suffers from central and obstructive sleep apnea, which is currently being very effectively treated by C-PAP.

Tess recently turned one and is growing well below the 10th centile on the typical growth charts but is in the 50th centile of the adjusted Trisomy growth charts.

Tess is the light of Ian and Julie's life and one smile is enough to melt any heart as you can see (she also likes chocolate!).



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