Meet Rachelle

The Kohl family live in Lafayette, Louisiana USA

Sharon and Dennis are the proud parents of 8 wonderful children. They are

Corey, 23

Angelle, 21

Brandi, 18

Lori, 16

Kristi, 11

Lisbeth and Clara who are now angels in heaven

And also our sweet Rachelle who too gained her wings and flew from us on Wednesday 25th February, 1998 at the age of 16 months.

Rachelle was born on October 25, 1996 with Full Trisomy 18. The photo above was taken on her first birthday where she weighed 8lb 8ozs and was 22 inches long.

Rachelle was a healthy baby. She had a bout of pneumonia (caused by aspiration) at 2 months, but recovered well. Also she suffered from gastro-espohogeal reflux, apneas and possible seizure activity when little. As she got older her only problems were respiratory and they required nebulisers and occasional antibiotics. She took no medications except vitamins. Rachelle's favourite "food" was breastmilk though she also used a bottle equipped with a clear, silicone, sipper nipple to sip soy formula that had baby cereal mixed to thicken it

Sadly on Sunday 23rd February Rachelle developed a cold and on Wednesday 25th the fight became too much and she quietly accepted her wings. Rachelle now plays with our other Rainbow Angels in heaven and we all miss her terribly.

Fly, fly little wing

Fly where only angels sing

Fly away, the time is right

Go now, find the light

There was a special poem read at Rachelle's funeral. Please click on the rainbow if you would like to read it.

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