Meet Avery

Partial Trisomy 11p

Aged 7 months

We found out at 19 weeks about Avery's rare trisomy. I had had an ultrasound
that found some abnormalities with her kidneys, so my OB sent me to get a
level 2 ultrasound. The level2 and amniocentesis confirmed that Avery had a partial
trisomy of 11p and a partial deletion of 11q. We also found out that this had
been passed on to her through an inversion that my husband had, but didn't
know about. What a crazy time. There are months that I don't even remember
now or know how we made it through.

Avery is now 8 months old. She spent her first 4 weeks of life in the
hospital waiting to have her left kidney and part of her right kidney
removed. She came home for 10 days and was then readmitted for 7.5 weeks
because of chylothorax. She is doing great now, eating from a bottle and
eating solids. We are just starting to introduce graham crackers. She has
physical and occupational therapy to work on her low tone. She is able to
roll, sit and is starting to work on standing.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have Avery. She has by far exceeded in
every way the expectations that the Doctors had given.

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