David and Tracey

 Hi we are the Pass family and we live at Bob's Farm on the north coast
of New South Wales, Australia. Our family consists of David and Tracey,
Jenny (1987), Louise Trisomy 18 (living in heaven 1990), Jonathan (aka JD) (1991) and Jesse (1994). Oh and Jimmy the dog!

Jenny, JD and Jesse

Louise was born on the 23rd of January 1990. She was born with Trisomy 18.
Louise lived a quiet happy life with us for five and half months. She
gained her angel wings on the 2nd of July 1990.

Louise (T-18) and Jenny

We knew very little about Louise's condition while she was with us. And
although she was with us for such a very short time we feel blessed to have
known and loved her. She taught us a lot about life and living it to it's
fullest. You have already read about how Karen and I met on another part of
the website so I won't bore you with that. I am more than happy to answer
any and all your questions regarding prenatal diagnosis, pregnancy, birth,
living with a Trisomy child and dealing with grief and loss. I am also very
happy to tell you about Louise and her life.

David and I believe that God gives good gifts and Louise was one of the

The year 2000 was the 10th anniversary of Louise's birth and gaining her
wings. We celebrated that in fine style by attending the 14th annual
conference of SOFT USA in Orlando Florida. This is us at dinner with Goofy
and the kids with Miss Minnie Mouse.

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