Meet James and Simon Ridgwell,

Oh and of course Monty!!

The Ridgwell Family live in Melbourne, Victoria. Australia

Helen and Richard are the parents of two very busy boys, Simon 12 years old and James 10 years.

Simon was born with mosaic Trisomy 18. He presented with most of the characteristics of T-18; VSD, clenched fists, rocker bottom feet, low set ears, bi-lateral cleft palette, diagphramatic hernia and the list goes on. In his early years he was so very ill and he went from one crisis to another!

Through all of this, Simon's tenacity and absolute determination to rise above his disabilities has seen him achieve a lot in his 12 years of life. He attends a local State school where he enjoys the benefits of a rich and rewarding curriculum alongside his peers. He enjoys music, especially "John Denver" music and loves to play cricket and football (Aussie Rules). He trains for "track and field" each Sunday morning with our local region of Special Olympics. He recently won 2 Gold medals at our state games.

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