The members of the Trisomy list found that often they just wanted to leave the world of Trisomy behind. After trying many different venues such as tropical islands and the like, they found that the favourite place of escape was "The Rock".

Here is the general summary of the rock.......


Designated safe haven of all Trisomy Families. Place free of having to think and deal with any and all associated issues. Place where person hiding under the aforesaid rock may wallow in as much self pity as they desire.

Most frequently used by residents of the "Chromosome Funpark" particularly those who are participating in the "Trisomy Rollercoaster".


Access to the rock is limited to those who suffer from extreme "fedupedness" after dealing with doctors, therapists, kids, husbands, wives, family, the general public and in particular all related Trisomy and chromosomal issues. Most frequently used after crisis and repeatedly trying to work out the unworkable.


There are numerous modes of the rock including "Leave me Alone", "Don't wanna know", "B***h-in-Residence" but by far the most common is "Do not disturb under any circumstances for fear of getting ones head bitten off and causing me to go beyond the point of no return"


Visitors may be permitted at the discretion of the rock occupier however the following people are totally banned once the rock is occupied.

General Public
and anyone bearing platitudes.

It is heartily recommended that rock occupiers only permit visitors from other categories who have extreme doses of love, compassion and understanding. All visitors must come with armfuls of hugs to be metered out in endless supply.

Any visitor that is caught offering platitudes particularly those starting or including "but" (e.g. "but you cope so well", "but it will get better") will be immediately turfed out not so gently on their "rear".


During times of extreme crisis people may choose to share "The Rock" with others in a similar state of "fedupedness" this is permitted but no wallowing in each others self pity is allowed and the most fedup gets to make the rules!!


Rock occupiers are not permitted to engage in any activity other than those which prevent immediate death injury or starvation. (especially of the occupier!)

Especially banned are:

Picking up after others
Running "mums" (or dads) taxi service
Answering phones
Mowing lawns (unless bizarrely thought of as recreation)

Recommended activities are laughter, hugs, laughter, cuddles, laughter, kisses, laughter and any other activity that is deemed self-indulgent.

Reading e-mail from the Trisomy list is permitted but rock occupiers may at their discretion turn off the computer and/or ignore any post which requires a thought process.

Venting to the list is permitted and strongly recommended as is visiting the chat room on Saturday nights.


Whilst under "The Rock" it is advised that the rock occupier does not starve. Therefore the following diet is recommended

donuts particularly those filled with various goos and creams

Peanut butter sandwiches (with jelly for those Americans with no taste)

Takeaway pizza

Snacks are freely permitted and those recommended include M&M's, Mars Bars, Family sized blocks of chocolate, and biscuits (cookies to foreigners)

The more you eat the better you will feel. No remorse afterwards is permitted. Bulging waistlines and expanding hips and butts are an occupational hazard and should not be attributed to anything but!


Occupiers are permitted to stay for as long as needed. Warnings are issued that if moss grows on the rock it may become difficult to leave.

For that reason it is heartily recommended that you use the rock as frequently as required.

I hope this explains........ and if you need to vent we are all here!!

if in dire straits e-mail the list for rescue

many thanks to the following sites for allowing the list to adopt our pet-rocks.

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