Meet Joe, Abigail, Savannah and Deb

Joe and Deb are the proud parents of Brandon 16, Savannah 8, and Abigail 1.
They live in Leesburg, Georgia (about 3 hours south of Atlanta).
Joe is an electrician and Deb is a full-time mom.

Savannah was born on the 12th of February 1992, and has Trisomy 18 with
Savannah had multiple physical problems when she was born. Her esophagus
was not attached to her stomach and at 6 weeks of age was found to have a
ASD, VSD, PDA, and pulmonary stenosis heart defects. At 14 months of age she
underwent open heart surgery to repair these birth defects.

Despite numerous surgeries, since the open heart surgery, Savannah has thrived. The
summer of 2000, Savannah learned to swim, and has learned to read and write
this school year. Savannah loves her big Brother Brandon, and baby sister,
Abigail. She brings a great deal of love to her family and all who know her.

Savannah aged 17 days

Savannah aged 8years 10 months

Brandon & Abigail

Sisterly Love!

Abigail & Savannah

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