Meet Stephanie, Martin and Maia

The St-Pierre Family live in Timmins, Ontario Canada

Stephanie and Martin have been married 10 years. Maia is their only child and she has a partial Trisomy of the 11th and 22nd chromosome.

Meet Maia!

Maia has had many medical problems, such as a cleft palate and Pierre Robin Syndrome which means she has a very narrow airway and breathing troubles (not so bad anymore...) she also has 2 minor heart defects, an ASD and PDA. She had dislocated hips at birth but they are almost perfectly fine now!

Her major problems are physical, she has severe hypotonia, but is learning to walk with help in a push walker, and can pull herself up to stand. She is able to use a couple of signs and has a good comprehension of words, though she has no verbal language. She is blonde, beautiful, our pride and joy, and the most "normal" thing about her is her ATTITUDE! Typical three year old there!

I started a support group for kids like her, there are a few of us kicking around..... our home page is

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