The Trisomy Choices List is an e-mail based support group designed specifically for those families who have made the heartbreaking decision to interrupt their pregnancy after the diagnosis of a trisomy prenatally.

It is an extremely difficult decision to make and one that no family enters into lightly. Unfortunately though there is often the expectation that when one chooses to make this decision that there is no associated grief. Consequently others around us tend to feel that it is best not to mention the lost child or even the termination. The reality is however, that these decisions were made in love for a child who was dearly wanted, and so these families also grieve and miss their angels.

 The Trisomy Choices list aims to provide a safe and protected forum for people who have made this decision to support each other.

Unfortunately, because there are some who do not understand the reasons behind these decisions, and even more sadly do not respect an individuals right to make their own decisions, as a result the Trisomy Choices list is vastly different to others at Trisomy Online.

This is a closed list in all aspects. To subscribe to the list you must send an email to the list manager and outline your reasons behind wanting to belong to the list. Messages to the list will also go through the moderator to be approved before they can be posted to the list. When messages are approved they will be sent to the list under the List managers email address so that there is total privacy for those who are members of the list. No archives are kept for this list.

This is simply to ensure that the list operates in complete safety.

People may however leave the list at will and we only ask that you respect the list rules.
No e-mail address will ever be sold for profit or used in any way except in relation to the list.
For more information about the list structure and options please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you have any other questions, concerns please email Karen the list owner

We look forward to welcoming you to the list and being a part of this very special community!



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