Over the years the members of the Trisomy Online List community have become very close. Many have gone on to share a very special bond, meeting up with those who are close and participating in good natured bantering about things not specifically related to trisomy. We feel that this is just as important as the more technical aspects of trisomy, and so unlike many email lists we encourage this closeness.

But we acknowledge that not everyone has the time for this chit chat so a special list was created. Most families belong to the family list as well as the other list(s) of their choice, however those who are pressed for time often receive it in digest form and choose by subject which mails to read or only read it when they have time.

And so the family lists provides a very valuable link between all the other lists which have arisen due to the specific needs of the families at Trisomy Online. For example some families may switch between the Trisomy Medical List and the Trisomy Angels list but do not want to lose contact with the friends that they made. This is where the Trisomy Family List becomes invaluable. Not only does it allow families a continuity during a very difficulty time but it also allows them to easily stay in touch with new friends.

Membership is open to all who have an interest in Trisomy conditions and related disorders, and who are willing to abide by the list rules. We have mums and dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents and aunts and uncles.

List members represent many different trisomy conditions (including full, partial, mosaic, 18, 14, 13, 8, 6, 4 etc.) and live in many different countries. For although the number of the chromosome may be different, many of our emotions, questions and concerns are similar. It has become a great source of education and amusement as we learn of different cultures.

Subscription to the listserv is completely free and voluntary. People may join or leave the list at will.
No e-mail address will ever be sold for profit or used in any way except in relation to the list.
We have taken every precaution to protect list members from spam and there are no advertisements in the emails. For more information about the list structure and options please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you have any other questions, concerns please email Karen the list owner

We look forward to welcoming you to the list and being a part of this very special community!



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