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The Trisomy Mosaic List is a "family" of parents, caregivers, health professionals, friends and others whose lives have been touched by the diagnosis of one of the rarer mosaic chromosomal anomalies such as a trisomy or other related disorders. While Mosaic Trisomy 18 (Edward's Syndrome) and Mosaic Trisomy 13 (Patau's Syndrome) families would seem to comprise the greatest numbers on the list, many other "flavours" of chromosomal anomalies (meaning the number of the chromosome and type of anomaly) are represented and very much a part of our family.


The Trisomy Mosaic List is for us to share our experiences, emotions and the more technical aspects of a trisomy diagnosis. At times we will encourage the gathering of information about mosaicism from families, however it will always be you choice whether you participate or not.

Like any family we do have a few list "rules" that help everyone enjoy a friendly and helpful forum. The rules are really very simple.


Our key rules are RESPECT and TOLERANCE
We ask that you remember that each individual has the right to make their own choices in life, regardless of whether we agree or disagree with those choices Please be respectful of those whose experiences and beliefs differ from yours.
Above all, write with kindness and compassion when offering your support. Because we are all in different places and phases please be sensitive to others.
No-one is required to answer or discuss anything they don't want to. If you
become uncomfortable with a topic, your delete key is readily available.
We also ask that you do not engage in flaming, flame baiting and flame wars.
Please use a descriptive subject line
And keep the same subject line for the thread of the conversation. If the topic of a thread changes please change the subject line.
Use a tag or signature line
This is 2 or 3 lines at the end of a post which describes who you are and perhaps where you live. With over 60 members on the list it can get very confusing as to who is who. But please keep it brief.
Use quotes
Please use quotes when replying to a post, so that people can know what you are responding to. But please do not include the whole of a previous post - keep it brief and to the point. A general rule is to include no more than 2 or 3 lines.
Set your mail to plain text
The list cannot process mail that uses HTML or.dat files. Your mail needs to be sent in plain text.
Respect Copyrights
Please do not republish on the list any material without the owners consent and/or attribution.

We ask that no-one...
...tell another what to do or what they should have done.
...judge another person for their thoughts, experiences, beliefs etc.

No flaming (name-calling or making accusations)
If you find someone's post offensive, please let me know by emailing me at
my personal email address:


If messages appear that are violations of the above or are obviously hurtful
or offensive, my first action will be to ask that the discussion be stopped.
If it is not, I will unsubscribe the appropriate list member(s).


Don't attach files to your mails
Please don't attach files of any type to your mails, they cannot be processed by the list program. If you want to send pictures to others on the list either e-mail them separately or you can send them to
Sue who will place them on the web for you.

Don't send virus warnings to the list
Most virus warnings that you receive on the internet are hoaxes. If you think that you are aware of a legitimate virus warning forward it first to the listowner who will then post it to the list if it's applicable. If you are unsure about the validity of a particular virus warning a good place to check is
The Computer Incident Advisory Capability or Symantec.

Do not send chain letters to the list
Chain letters are not appropriate to send to the list - most are hoaxes or urban myths. To check the validity a good site is
Snopes Urban Legend Reference Pages.

Do not forward private e-mails to the list
Do not forward private e-mails to the list without the consent of the original writer. It is a breach of netiquette to forward private e-mails without the authors express consent.

Do not send personal details to the list
This includes addresses and phone numbers. It is a dangerous practice and a good thing to remember with any e-mail. The list mails are archived and any personal details posted to the list will be freely available to anyone. If someone requests personal information and you wish to share it - do so privately in a personal mail.

From time to time, I will find it necessary to send administrative or
otherwise important information to the list as a whole. All emails of that
nature will be prefaced with the word "ADMIN". Please read these notes as
soon as possible as they may contain information necessary or useful.

If you haven't yet subscribed please follow the link below.

We look forward to hearing about you and welcome your contributions to our very special community!

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