The Trisomy Mosaic List is an e-mail based support group designed specifically for those families who have a child with a mosaic trisomy diagnosis or who have received a trisomy mosaic diagnosis prenatally.

Because trisomy mosaicism is very rare, occurring in approximately 1% of all cases of trisomy 18, very little is known about mosaicism and how children are effected. Consequently there are many misconceptions about mosaicism.

The aim of the Trisomy Mosaic List is to link families, promote awareness, foster research and offer support for families, friends and health professionals.

Membership to the list is open to all who have an interest in Trisomy Mosaicism and related disorders regardless of the chromosome effected.

Subscription to the lists is completely free and voluntary. People may join or leave the list at will and we only ask that you respect the list rules.
No e-mail address will ever be sold for profit or used in any way except in relation to the list.
We have taken every precaution to protect list members from spam and there are no advertisements in the emails. For more information about the list structure and options please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you have any other questions, concerns please email Karen the list owner

It is important to realise that the list does not replace the individual medical care that each child receives from their own doctor. So although medical information and experiences are freely shared on the list, this information should be discussed with your own child's physician before any treatments or changes in treatment are made.

The reality is that no-one has any magical answers, there are no experts in the field of Trisomy and even less so with regards to mosaicism. What works for one child may not apply to another. Few doctors will possibly see and treat more than one child with a rare Trisomy in a lifetime therefore specific knowledge is limited, many will never see mosaicism. But by sharing information, and caring for each other, we are in a better position to make informed choices and hopefully better able to help our children and ourselves.

We look forward to welcoming you to the list and being a part of this very special community!



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