The Trisomy Mosaic List is a "closed" list to help ensure that it is a safe environment for those who participate. This also helps to prevent spam mail from being distributed on the list.

 A closed list simply means that you need to register the email address you wish to use before you can post a message to the list. We do not require ANY personal information or charge any fees to be a member. Your email address will only be known to the list administrators and when you post to other members of the list, it is stripped off from all stored messages in an attempt to avoid spam or any invasion of your privacy. There are no advertisements associated with list mail and we will not sell or give your email address to any third party.


As mentioned earlier, there is no cost involved whatsoever in becoming a member of the email support group. Nor do we ask you for any personal information at all. You are free to respond to messages or not to (commonly known as "lurking") 

You can completely manage your membership yourself by going to the web face at and seeking out the list "tri-mosaic".

Alternatively you can subscribe (and unsubscribe) by sending an email to with the word subscribe (or unsubscribe) in the subject of the email.

Or simply complete the following web form

Enter your email address:

After you have sent in your subscription request you will receive an email asking you to confirm the fact that you wish to subscribe. This is a safety precaution to stop people maliciously signing people up to various lists. If you do wish to subscribe simply click on the reply to button and send the email.

Once you have returned the confirmatory email you will receive a welcome letter and then start receiving messages that are sent to the list.

If you are wanting to change your settings for the list, you must first be a list member. eg If you want to subscribe and receive the digest, then subscribe first, return the confirmation email and then change your list preferences to digest.

Remember, no one will know that you belong to the list unless you post. We invite you to introduce yourself when you are ready. You can post to the list or reply to someone else's post by sending an email to the list address

If you have any problems subscribing, concerns or suggestions regarding the Wings List please do not hesitate to contact Mandy or alternatively Karen.

For more information about the Wings list please follow the links below.


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