Hello everyone we are The Veazey Family!

My husband Sidney (24), Patricia (25), Tia (3), and Mia (3 months). Tia is our 3 year old daughter and she has full Trisomy 18.

Tia was born on August 10 1998, she weighed 4 pounds 8.6 ounces and was 17 inches long. Tia was a full term baby with a due date of 8-12-98. Tia was born 2 days before her due date because her heart rate went down. I had her by emergency c-section at 11:35 am.

When I woke from the surgery I heard someone say "You have a little girl"....OH HOW EXCITED I WAS! A few minutes later, when they got me in the recovery room I seen the neonatologist and he was asking where my husband was. I started getting scared and I knew he had something to tell us. At that point I saw my husband and my sister as they entered the room. The doctor told me what he thought Tia had and that he was 90% sure of it. I asked what can you do for her, his reply, NOTHING. I said what do you mean "NOTHING"????? You can give someone a new heart but you can't help my baby. I was in shock and I was hoping that this doctor was wrong.

Three days after I had Tia the test result came back and it was positive for Trisomy 18. My husband and I cried so hard that night at the hospital. We were told she wouldn't live very long and we had to accept it. Well, I couldn't accept it and I still haven't, really I try not to think about it because she is with us and we love her so much. The doctors said she wouldn't survive but Tia showed them....She showed them that she is a fighter. Just like her daddy said the same day she was born and I will never forget what he said that day that made me fell so much better. He said, "She is a fighter and she is strong"!

Since Tia's birth our family has grown and Tia has a little sister who was born on 8-8-2001. Tia is our family's heart and soul. When you see that pretty little face it brightens up your day. If you would like to read more about our little Tia please visit her website at www.geocities.com/pattia98

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