meet the Victor Family

The Victor Family live in DeLand, Florida USA

Joe and Penny are the proud parents of

Devon Stewart (15 June, 1995)

Nicholas Anthony (23rd November, 1990)



Nicholas is a very bright and creative young man as well as a hard working student. His favourite things are Pokemon, chocolate ice-cream, pizza, and movies and he's currently in the 4th grade (as of October 2000). He used to ask us "when will Devon get fun?...when will he DO something?" all we hear is "MOM!...Devon's bugging me again!!!"..."Mom! Devon's pulling my hair!!!". Despite his complaining though, I pity anyone else who has the nerve to say anything bad about his little brother! He loves Devon more than anything!

Devon (AKA Stinky Boy) is a very happy and determined little boy! He has Full Trisomy 13 w/translocation 5 and 13. (Meaning that he has a balanced translocation AND an extra 13th chromosome). Devon has come so much further than we ever dared dream. He is in a Multi-Varied Exceptionalities Kindergarten and loves it! We were told he would never sit independently, walk, talk, potty train, and a number of other things. He does ALL of those things ( the talking is actually signing but still it IS talking :o) and is adding to his accomplishments daily!!!! Among Devon's favourite things is his best friend, the not so plush Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House (AKA Stinky Bear with dreadlocks), as well as movies starring the same bear. He also loves Teletubbies, Barney, and Blues Clues videos...and food in general! He is currently 43" tall and weighs 43 pounds and is now 5 years old (as of June 15, 2000).

Joe (11/04/62) is a stay at home dad and a wonderful one at that! His hobbies are gardening and fishing :o)

Penny (09/20/63) is a press operator at a small, family owned print shop where she's been employed since September of 1986. Her hobbies are reading, taking pictures, playing on the computer, watching movies, and painting and drawing.




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