meet the Wilson family!!

The Wilson Family live in Lexington, Kentucky USA

Robert and Joanna are the proud parents of

Stephanie, 9

Marcus, 5 (Partial Trisomy 14q)

Kevin, 2 and

Kristina, 9 months

This is Marcus

Marcus was born with partial Trisomy 14q. He is a very loving little boy who has overcome many problems and is determined to continue that way. He has an ASD that they are hopeful will close on its on and a tracheal malacia that he has outgrown, however he is quite susceptible to respiratory infections. He has also had his tonsils and adenoids removed. Although Marcus has a g-tube he is now able to eat dried cereals such as cheerios, rice krispies and froot loops. Recently he was started on growth hormone therapy and as a result his family have seen recent improvements in height, weight, speech, eating and general developmental issues.

Marcus loves Barney, Sesame Street, Ninja Turtles, Batman and Robin, and beetleborgs. He is a true miracle and next month will be starting kindergarten in a main stream classroom with and assistant for his feeding issues.

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