Hi! We're the Wilsons.

We live in Collinsville, Illinois which is just outside of St.Louis.

This is our daughter, Faren, was born on July 1, 2000. We found out she had Trisomy 18 when she was 6 weeks old. We, along with the doctors, were very surprised. We are coping well with her diagnosis, mostly because she is very healthy. Although, we still fear her untimely passing.

Faren is very lively and likes to make us work. HARD! Still, we love her very much and
want to make her happy. She can be quite the handful, but will sometimes show us her good side. Despite a few minor problems, she remains healthy. She shows some degree of delay, especially physically. Strangers are always astounded to hear her age because although she is 6 months old at this writing, she looks about 2 months old. We are pleased to belong to such a unique group of people and will always be there to extend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Faren would like to end the story with her own words....WAAAGGGHHH!

Faren Aged 5 1/2 months

Faren at Thanksgiving 2000

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