meet Derek, Kelsey and Kameron

The Wolpert Family live in Golden, Colorado USA

Bill and Jude are the proud parents of Kelsey, Derek and Kameron.

Kameron was born on the 8th May 1997 and has Trisomy 18. Kameron is going to tell you her story.

Hi! My name is Kameron Paige Wolpert. I was born on 8th May, 1997 and I have full Trisomy 18. My family knew about my special needs while I was still inside my Mom. I came out OK, no heart defects and this photo was taken when I was 11 months old! Let me tell you about my family:

Derek - The big brother. I get to go to all Derek's soccer and basketball games and he spoils me all the time. Derek was never afraid to hold me and has always been the best at calming me down when I am fussy! He tells me to hurry up and hold up my head by myself so I can be the prettiest special needs model baby.

Kelsey - The big sister. I also go to all of Kelsey's soccer and basketball games, so you know I sometimes spend a lot of time in my carseat. Kelsey gives me drinks of juice and holds my hand when I want to get out! My favourite thing that Kelsey and I do is to freak people out in the store. Kelsey likes to carry me and people always think I am a baby doll, boy are they ever surprised when I move!

Bill - The Dad. My Dad travels A LOT and is often playing golf. I like it when my Dad holds me and we read the newspaper because he lets me flop all over. Mom always says "straighten out Kam's head and bring her arms forward." Dad never listens and just lets me hang out and not be centered!

Jude - The Mom. My Mom used to be an engineering consultant and travel a lot too. Now she stays home with me full time and the big kids and I are real happy about that. Mom and I go everywhere together and she calls me her "velcro" baby!

Pele and Babs - The dogs. We have big dogs and Derek and Kelsey told me when I can hold up my head they will make a tiny saddle and I can go for a ride!



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